Our Approach

We are committed to providing our customers with the latest registration technology, most reliable products and the most proven solutions. This emphasis on great customer satisfaction has with hard work earned our company a solid reputation in the registration industry.  Our focus has and always will be on registration solutions that work for all of our clients.

Our Story

Eleventh & Gather has continuously evolved and grown alongside the registration industry while anticipating the needs and challenges that face today’s meeting planners. Since our inception in 1978, our success has largely depended on our willingness to customize a solution based upon the unique needs of our clients. What sets us apart from every other registration company in the business? Eleventh & Gather makes a personal commitment to make sure you succeed! With the combination of our experience, knowledge in new technology and outstanding customer service, we are the best in the industry!  

Our Name

In 2020 our company underwent a rebranding that included the roll-out of new and improved services, as well as a name change. Eleventh & Gather was selected the name of our company by current staff/owner and we are excited to share the story behind the name. Eleventh came about because when Kalib, the owner and CEO, started at the company there were just eleven (11) clients. November, the eleventh month is the month that both of Kalib’s children were born and it is considered a lucky number by many. The word Eleventh contains the word event and we think you can connect those dots! Gather became the finishing touch to our new name as Gathering people of like interests is what our hospitality industry is all about. As a company, we have gathered together multiple services to offer a comprehensive and integrated registration, housing, on-site staffing and lead retrieval solution.  We are still the dedicated company  that is committed to providing clients with the latest registration technology, reliable products and excellent customer service!

What others are saying about Eleventh & Gather

The Star of the South Dental Meeting has been working with Eleventh & Gather (Formerly known as QMS) for over 14 years.  They have been a continued system of support for our meeting offering solutions to issues that may arise and always handling our meeting with the utmost professionalism.

The registration process for The Star of the South runs smoothly year to year.  The Eleventh & Gather team is part of our team and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Charlotte BollsMeeting PlannerGreat Houston Dental Society

The American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation has been working with Eleventh & Gather (Formerly known as QMS) for many years and we have received nothing but excellent service from them. Our Eleventh & Gather team works with us on a daily basis to ensure that our registration system runs smoothly. Their ability to adapt to our registration website needs and customize special reports is exceptional. Our partnership with Eleventh & Gather has been wonderful and we’ve enjoyed working with them. They are integral to the success of our Annual Assembly!

Kelsey CiukowskiMeeting Services CoordinatorAmerican Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Eleventh & Gather Team (formerly known as QMS) has provided registration services for the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting for more than 20 years. Their attention to detail and focus on customer service are integral to the success of our Meeting.

Sylvia RatchfordExecutive DirectorHinman Dental Society

The Minnesota Dental Association has been working with Eleveth & Gather (formerly known asQMS Services) for over 10 years. The staff is very friendly and the quality of service they provide is incomparable. Eleventh & Gather continues to offer innovative ideas and solutions to keep our registration and housing process running smoothly year after year. I couldn’t imagine planning our meeting without them!

Shannan CookDirector of MeetingsMinnesota Dental Association

The Southwest Dental Conference has been working with Eleventh & Gather (Formerly known as QMS) for over 17 years. They are not just a vendor providing a service but thought of as part of the SWDC Team. They not only provide the ultimate customer service to us as a client but also to those registering for our conference

Jane EvansExecutive DirectorDallas County Dental Society

Meet the Team

Everyone at Eleventh & Gather is vital to ensuring an amazing experience.  Whether it is the outstanding customer service, simple suggestions, meeting of deadlines or the simple organization of the team, everyone operates with you the client in mind.

M. Kalib Denton

President, CEO

Kalib has been with the company for the past eighteen years and purchased Eleventh & Gather from its previous owner in 2004. Kalib manages many areas of this business; including but not limited to, computer programming, website design, on-site registration management, human resources and client relations. Kalib’s expertise is his ability to learn and overcome any challenge with ease. He has a “can-do” attitude and makes every effort to keep Eleventh & Gather on the forefront of new technology and services that can be offered.

Heidi Stenson

Director of Client Services

Heidi has spent the last eleven years with Eleventh & Gather as the Director of Client Relations. Her major responsibilities include account management. Previously she worked at The Ohio Dental Association where she worked in membership and database management. As the Director of Client Relations, Heidi focuses on making sure the client receives the best possible service by developing a sound communication plan and adhering to deadlines set forth by the client. This is a very key element in ensuring a smooth registration process and we place a lot of emphasis on this. Heidi is dedicated and loyal to each and every client and is without a doubt, the key liaison between our services and results.

Gavin Cappuccilli

Director of Information Technology

Gavin joined the team at Eleventh & Gather from the Administrative Offices of the Courts of Georgia thirteen years ago. His specialty is web programming/design and information technology. Gavin currently creates and maintains all of our web hosting, registration software and security. He largely focuses on the speed, reliability, and efficiency of all of our web sites to ensure overall client satisfaction for both our clients and their customers. Gavin’s additional focus is on developing new innovative software. His programming capabilities have and will continue to play a vital role in maintaining our reputation as a company that offers customizable features to our clients.

Renee Roller

Badge and Supply Coordinator

Renee has been part of the Eleventh & Gather team since January 2007. She is an integral team member who has great attention to detail. Renee coordinates with clients to design and order necessary supplies such as badge stock, badge holders, envelopes, ribbons and miscellaneous inserts or onsite material. Renee goes above and beyond to make sure all badge and printing logistics are in place to ensure a successful meeting.

Gabi De La Higuera

Account Manager

Gabi has been with Eleventh & Gather since 2014. She started as the receptionist at Eleventh & Gather and with her eagerness to learn and problem solve, she has become a vital asset to Eleventh & Gather. She answers help emails, phone calls, quality checks websites before going live and works directly with clients to provide top notch customer service for attendees and exhibitors. She makes sure client needs are met above and beyond set standards. Her ability to speak three languages is a great asset as well.

Kyle Reid

Information Technology

Kyle has been a part of the team at Eleventh & Gather since June 2014. He is an energetic team player with a passion for communications – a self-starter who enjoys connecting with our clients and their customers. As a former account manager at Eleventh & Gather, Kyle knows what to look for, when building websites. Now as a great addition to the IT team, Kyle’s ability to think from all standpoints makes him a great asset.

Jeremy Smith

Information Technology

Jeremy joined Eleventh & Gather in 2016. He works with account managers to make sure emails are sent out on time, takes care of website and app edits and assists the IT department wherever needed. His customer service onsite at meetings is exceptional, whether it is at the registration desk or working the onsite lead retrieval desk.

Bernie Wilke

Director of Housing Services

Bernie joined Eleventh & Gather in September of 2018. As Director of Housing Services, Bernie will work side by side with Kalib and the talented Eleventh & Gather web developers, to build a housing component within the Eleventh & Gather registration software. With an extensive background in Hospitality, Customer Service and Sales, he will lead the everything Housing at Eleventh & Gather and put his proven knowledge in contract negotiation together with his passion for customer service to offer clients a fully integrated registration and housing experience that is custom built for each of their events.

Laurence MacNeill

Information Technology Specialist

Laurence has been with Eleventh & Gather since 2008 when his expertise of upgrading hardware and software writing was needed. With over twenty-five years of experience in writing programs in C, C++, Pascal, and Delphi, creating web-sites, designing and implementing computer networks, and repairing computers (both desktops and laptops), he has been a valued resource to the team.

Tabitha Risher

Shipping & Logistics

Tabitha joined Eleventh & Gather in the winter of 2019. She started as a data entry guru and expressed her dedication to helping solve problems. Her can-do attitude has created her a path here at Eleventh & Gather where she has helped troubleshoot new software, developed shipping processes and manages the lead retrieval. She is a true asset to Eleventh & Gather.

Jennifer Getzewich


Jennifer has been with Eleventh & Gather for several years, as the lead bookkeeper. She handles all billing, invoicing, enrollment programs and payroll. Her excellent accounting skills don’t go unnoticed. We are fortunate to have her on our team.

Anna McGee

QStaffing - Senior Director

Anna joined the QStaffing team in March of 2015. Anna organizes staff recruitment, conducts interviews, creates schedules and places staff where they best fit when an assignment comes available. As Director of Client Services, Anna coordinates an internal communication to ensure all clients receive the best possible staffing accommodations. Her energetic attitude and top notch customer service skills stand out amongst others. Anna often makes appearances on-site to make sure everything and everyone is in place as planned and is available at all hours when event is taking place. Anna has been QStaffing’s dedicated account manager for the following: American Public Health hiring 90-100 staff to work registration, and room monitors , Rotary International hiring 200+ staff to work as client assistants, registration, cashiers and directional staff. With Anna joining QStaffing she has worked hard to pick up business other than Georgia. She has dedicated herself to grow Ohio QStaffing securing a great relationship with Premiere Beauty hiring up to 60 staff as registration, client assistants, and ticket takers. She also staff’s 5 IRS TaxForums each summer since her onboard in 2015 hiring staff to work in Maryland, Illinois, California, Colorado and Louisiana. She is a great asset to have. Her job is not only 9am-5pm she will continue to work from home after hours to make sure each of her clients’ needs are met. There is no job that is too big or too small for Anna to handle.